W-Questions from Readings

Today, we have been asking a lot of questions: Why, When, Where, How, … but not enough! So, we must continue working on this!

“The 20”

🏚️ 📝 Read ‘A Cold Day’ and send me one W-question about this story.

“A Cold Day”

For example:

Would you be able to answer them? ⤵️ Be careful, some of them are tricky, so you may answer: ‘The text doesn’t say anything about it.’

Noah has asked: ‘Why does Dr. James turn on the television?’

Raúl has asked: ‘Where is Dr. James at the beginning of the story?’

Martina L. has asked: ‘What is the weather like today in York?’ ‘Why does Dr. James shiver?

Laia has asked: ‘Where does Dr. James come from?’ or ‘Where is Dr. James from?’

Jose Luís has asked: ‘Who turns the television on?’

Xana has asked: ‘What is the title of the story?’ ‘What did the weatherman say on TV?’

Ainhoa L. has asked: ‘How many people were in the car when the accident happened?’

Carla has asked: ‘Where is Dr. James going?’‘Where does Dr. James go?’

Yanira has asked: ‘Why didn’t Dr. James pick up a scarf?’

Mixyel has asked: ‘What clothes does he put on?’

Sofía has asked: ‘What’s the weather like in York?’ ‘Why does Dr James turn on the Tv?’ ‘What happened on the road?’

Iker has asked: ‘Why can’t Dr.James stay at home?’

Cata has asked: ‘What does James take out of the closet?’

One of them is not a W-question. Could you recognise it? One of them is already said by another mate, Which one?

Xin Yan has asked: ‘Which month is it?’

Sergi has asked: ‘Why is Dr. James in Pensilvania and not in Florida?’

Nóa has asked: ‘Why is it a cold day?’

Sheila has asked: ‘Is everyone okay?’

Ainhoa C. has asked: ‘Why will snowfall make the road slippery?’

Lluc has asked: ‘Where is a frigid day?’

Arafat has asked: ‘Which month is it when it is snowy?

Iker has asked: ‘Why can’t Dr. James stay home?’

Francisco has asked: ‘What time is Dr. James at home?

Naiara has asked: ‘What time is doctor James on the road?

Angelo has asked: ‘What clothes does he put on?’

Jan Pablo has asked: ‘Where is a cold day?’

Mathias has asked: ‘Who turns the television on?’

Mayra has asked: ‘What’s the weather like today?’

Toni has asked: ‘What time is it when there is the accident?’

Onassis has asked: ‘Where is Dr. James?’

Martina C. has asked: ‘Why have the people had an accident?’

Adriana has asked: ‘Why do people go to the hospital?’

This is a cat. What is this?
He plays football. What does he play?
You play football. What do you play?
Tom & Susan played football yesterday. When did Tom & Susan play football?